From Februari 1st till February 4th i’m competing at the World Serie in Aberdeen. Here you can find the livetiming and the livestream.

The scheduled times for series and finals will be put online when available.

I’ll compete in the following events:

Thursday February 1st:
100m freestyle (10:05 🇬🇧; 11:05 🇳🇱)
200m individual medley (10:55 🇬🇧; 11:55🇳🇱)

Friday February 2nd:
100m backstroke (17:26🇬🇧 18:26🇳🇱)
100m breaststroke (18:35 🇬🇧 19:35🇳🇱)

Saturday February 3rd:
50m butterfly (9:39🇬🇧 10:39🇳🇱)
400m freestyle (10:36🇬🇧 11:36🇳🇱)

Sunday February 4th:
50m freestyle
100m butterfly

Take a look at my Talentbook page