Do you want to sponsor me? Please click on this link

After I started filling out the Talent Book of the NOC*NSF on February 2017, I ended up at Wouter Gorter. He wanted to sponsor this website for me, which I am very happy with.


From December 2019 to March 2020, apple pies are for sale at Spar Heerjansdam. For every apple pie sold, a small amount of money goes to me for sponsorship, to help me with my Road to Tokyo.


Because I will be swimming international competitions from May 2018, I also need new tap sticks that fit in my suitcase. To find the right size was not easy. The company, Wout van Leeuwen, had the taps I needed. The company has largely sponsored these taps, the other part was sponsored by an anonymous donor!
I’m really happy with it! Both generous donors: thank you very much!


All further sponsors can place their logo here as a thank you for their contribution, because without their support it is almost impossible for me to continue to perform at this level with all the costs that this expensive swimming sport entails.

From the sponsor money I can, among other things: pay for my travel and accommodation costs, my extra training costs, swimsuits. We are also looking into a communication system that will allow me to train more independently. As soon as I have more information about this communication system, I will of course keep you informed!

Take a look at my Talentbook page