My passion? Swimming, swimming and once more swimming.

When my vision reduced fast a lot of things I liked needed to change, except the one I loved the most: I could continue swimming. Swimming had a double effect on my well-being: I was able to regain energy and sometimes through swimming I was able to get rid of all the negative energy for example from hospital results.

I started swimming with a lot of fun in Zwijndrecht at ZZ&PC De Devel and right now with the Paralympic team in Amersfoort. Since January 2019 I am training full-time in Amersfoort which means 20 hours of swimming and 10 hours of gym and dry land sessions.

The combination of school and swimming has never been a struggle for me. From 2013-2018 I’ve been on Visio Education Rotterdam (a school for visual impaired people). I had a week schedule of 3,5 days education and 2,5 days swimming in Amersfoort. In 2018 I started studying Sportmarketing at the Johan Cruyff Academy in Amsterdam, but I did quit the education to fully focus myself on the sport

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